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TRIBULUS Pharma 250 mg hard gelatin capsules

Tribulus Pharma produced in the form of hard gelatin capsules for oral administration contains 250 mg of natural dried extract of fruit of Prostrate caltrop, Puncturevine (Tribulus Terrestris Ехtract). The natural plant extract contains steroid saponins of furostanol typeq which, in their structure, are close to sex hormones and are of great importance for their synthesis.

Recommended for:
Stimulating action of the sexual system;
Restoring and improving sexual desire to extend the duration of erection;
Increasing the formation and mobility of sperm;
Increasing testosterone levels;
Strengthening the muscles and increasing the strength;
Supporting the activity of urinary system by relieving the urination.

METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION: 2 to 4 capsules a day after a meal with large amount of liquid.

PACKAGING: Hard gelatin capsules - blue body and cap. Ten capsules packed in a PVC/AL blister; six blisters are placed in a carton with a leaflet.