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Company „PHARMA” PLC is the successor of the established in 1954 Galenova factory, which is the founder of pharmaceutical production in the town of Dupnitsa. Over the years, the production facilities of the company were part of assets of the Chemico-pharmaceutical plant of the town of Stanke Dimitrov (ex-name of the town for the period 1950 to 1992) and the later-established state-owned company PHARMACIA AD, Dupnitsa.

Demonopolization of PHARMACIA AD, Dupnitsa in 1991 is a kind of beginning for the production and sale of medicines under the brand PHARMA AD, Dupnitsa.

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“Неофит Рилски” №13, Дупница 2600, България
Tel.: +359 701 50286, 50287

Fax: +359 701 50290

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