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VITAMIN В-complex film-coated ablets

Vitamin B-complex is a preparation in the form of film-coated tablets for oral administration combining the vitamins of В-group (В1+ В2+В6+Врр).
The combination of В-group vitamins helps to regulate the body’s natural physiological processes. With their invigorating power, they transform the fats, proteins and carbohydrates into energy.
Vitamin В1 supports the activity of the nervous system.
Vitamin В2 has a beneficial effect on the metabolism.
Vitamin В6 helps to maintain the normal blood sugar levels.
Vitamin Врр helps the normal function of gastrointestinal tract and the pancreas.

Recommended for:
It recovers deficiency of B-group vitamins.
It helps the normal flow of metabolic processes in the body.
It regulates the natural physiological processes in the body with a general toning action.

METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION: 1 to 3 film-coated tablets a day, after meals with sufficient amount of liquid.

PACKAGING: 20 film-coated tablets packed in a PVC/AL blister; one blister in a carton with a leaflet.